Update for windows Honey@home software

Honey@home logoAn updated version of windows Honey@home has been released. The new version has been developed using the Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework. New features in this version include an installation wizard, a registration wizard, settings manager and automatic updating.

The application is available from the Honey@home website. Continue reading for more details on the new features.

List of improvements

The new version offers numerous improvements over the previous releases:

  1. Installation: The Honey@home installer now uses the Microsoft Windows Installer engine. This enables the installer to update existing Honey@home installations, without the user having to uninstall and then reinstall the software.

  2. Integrated update mechanism: The software is now capable of identifying when a new version comes out on the Honey@home website. The new version is downloaded as an MSI archive and the software is automatically updated.

  3. Registration wizard: The user no longer has to launch a browser to register his Honey@home client. If after the installation it is identified that the software hasn’t been registered, a registration wizard is started and the user is able to register his client without switching to a different application.

  4. Settings Manager: No longer has the user to manually edit the configuration files of the software. Now all required changes to the configuration are made through the Honey@home settings manager GUI.

  5. Anonymous Routing: The software now includes the components required to route the traffic it captures over TOR. This enhances the overall security of the NoAH infrastructure, as well as the privacy of the user.

  6. Improved Visualization: Honey@home now offers three different charts and graphs. The first one is a pie-chart breakdown of the packets received per protocol (TCP, UDP, ICMP, Other). The second is a speed graph which shows the rate at which traffic is captured and injected. The last one shows the TCP and UDP ports that received the most traffic.

  7. Misc. Improvements: The new version has a reduced memory footprint. Also it provides novice users with a recommendation for which of the existing network interfaces is suitable for the software.


Network interface recommendation at startup

Honey@home settings managerHoney@home settings manager

Breakdown chart of received traffic per protocolBreakdown chart of received traffic per protocol

Traffic rate graphsTraffic rate graph

Top ports graphTop ports graph

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